CAD Drafting

We provide drafting services for production of parts in multiple industries. 2D CAD Drawings are delivered to customers with material specification, finish surfaces, draft angles, weld marks and other specifics which are required for manufacturing of final product.


3D Modelling

3D modelling services includes advanced parametric design with many benefits such as increased efficiency, reduced time of an engineering cycle, improved product visualisation and capability to produce flexible designs.


2D to 3D Drawing Conversion

Many companies have a lot of old engineering drawings in 2D, either on paper or old AutoCAD files. As the world of engineering has moved from 2D to 3D a lot of these 2D drawings need to be converted into 3D models for further development.

There are lots of reasons why companies want to convert these older 2D drawings into 3D but it is very important that these 3D models are built correctly so:

  • they are accurate
  • they are modelled as the original designer intended
  • it is easy to design new variations afterwards
  • the model can used to automate CNC programmes easily
  • you can have parts 3D printed
  • it is easy to automate bills of materials because the whole assembly is included in the 3D model